Words Of Remembrance & Words Of Reminder




Size cm:15×21 Cm

Binding:Soft Cover


Author:Dr. Saalih ibn Ghaanim al-Sadlaan

Publisher:Al-Basheer Publications

Words of Remembrance and Words of Reminder

If you are looking to learn how to pronounce your Dua’s properly or even learn new ones then this ideal for you.


This book & CD is a collection of some of the most important acts that a Muslim must or should do in a day and night. If a person acts by these deeds, as a believer and with sincere faith in them, he will have for him a fortress and citadel that will protect him from shaytan and help him in repelling the evil of jinn and the wrongdoers of mankind. When these words are stated with faith and conviction, they become a shield for him from every evil and disliked aspect. For that reason, one must become habitual and consistent in the saying of these words of remembrance. Furthermore, they must be said with a heart that is attentive and tranquil.


In addition, this small book also covers characteristics and praiseworthy attributes that every Muslim must have as part of his personality. The work also points out that which is foul speech and deeds that a Muslim must remain away from and avoid. This book is translated, transliterated and accompanied by a professional CD.


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