• 20 Pieces Of Advice To My Sister Before Her Marriage

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    SKU: 9780615322650
    Pages: 158
    Year of Publication: 2012
    Size cm: 21×29 Cm
    Binding: Soft Cover
    Weight: 280.0000 mg
    Author: Badr bin Ali Al-Utaybee
    Publisher: Riwayah Publication

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    A Guide to Parenting in Islam: Cherishing Childhood

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    A Guide to Parenting in Islam: Cherishing Childhood by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari

    Our children are the greatest assets that Allah has entrusted us with. We owe it to Allah and to our children, therefore, to invest our time and efforts into being the best parents we can be. Cherishing Childhood is a parent-to-parent handbook that outlines how to tackle the challenges (and reap the rewards) of parenting children from birth to per-adolescence within an Islamic ethos in a pluralist society.

    It covers:
    » The concept of Positive Parenting;
    » How to welcome a child into the world;
    » The unique nature of a toddler and how to manage the most common issues in
    the per-school years;
    » Matters to consider when choosing a primary school;
    » How to support your child through primary school;
    » Creating the most nurturing home environment for children to flourish in;
    » Guidelines for discipline and dealing with difficult behavior;
    » Tips on how to build a Muslim character.

    Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari is an educationalist and community activist holding a PhD and PGCE from King’s College London and a Management degree from the Open University. He has worked as an Air Force Officer, researcher in physics, science
    teacher and a behavior support teacher. He was Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (2006-10), Chairman of the East London Mosque Trust (2002-13) and a board member of the London Olympics and Paralympics Organizing Committee (2006-13). He writes on community and social issues and has authored several books on Muslim family, parenting and identity. He is the founder of Amana Parenting and Head2Heart (a socio-political forum). He is married with four children.

  • A Hand Through the Door for My New Sister

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  • A Woman’s Guide To Raising A Family by Shaykh Salih Al-Fawzan

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    By Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan

    Publisher:Hikmah Publictions

    The rulings and regulations of Islam have come to organize the family and to protect it from breaking up, like the rulings of marriage and divorce, polygynous, the rights of the fathers and mothers, and there are many other examples besides this. All of these guidelines indicate the primary station that Islam has given to the family. This is because it is the place where generations are raised and cultivated, and the future of this nation depends upon the condition of the family. Indeed the woman is the backbone of the family, as is said “Behind every great person there is a woman in whose home they were raised”.


  • Advice on establishing an Islamic Home

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    Advice on establishing an Islamic Home :

    Putting things right in the home is a great trust and huge responsibility which every Muslim man and woman should undertake as Allah commands; they should run the affairs of their homes in accordance with the rules set out by Allah. One of the ways of achieving this is by ridding the home of evil things. The author highlights some evil things that actually happen in some homes and that have becomes tools of destruction for the nests in which the future generations of the Muslim ummah are being raised.

    By : Shaikh Muhammad Salih al-munajjid 

    Publisher : Dar Us-Sunnah 

    Pages : 159 (paperback)

  • Educating Muslim Women: The West African Legacy of Nana Asma’u, 1793-1864

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    Educating Muslim Women The West African Legacy of Nana Asma’u 1793-1864 By Jean Boyd & Beverly Mack

    Nana Asma’u was a devout, learned Muslim who was able to observe, record, interpret, and influence the major public events that happened around her. Daughters are still named after her, her poems still move people profoundly, and the memory of her remains a vital source of inspiration and hope. Her example as an educator is still followed: the system she set up in the first quarter of the nineteenth century, for the education of rural women, has not only survived in its homeland—through the traumas of the colonization of West Africa and the establishment of the modern state of Nigeria—but is also being revived and adapted elsewhere, notably among Muslim women in the United States. This book, richly illustrated with maps and photographs, recounts Asma’u’s upbringing and critical junctures in her life from several sources, mostly unpublished: her own firsthand experiences presented in her writings, the accounts of contemporaries who witnessed her endeavors, and the memoirs of European travelers. For the account of her legacy the authors have depended on extensive field studies in Nigeria, and documents pertaining to the efforts of women in Nigeria and the United States, to develop a collective voice and establish their rights as women and Muslims in today’s societies. Beverley Mack is an associate professor of African studies at the University of Kansas. She is co-editor (with Catherine Coles) of Hausa Women in the Twentieth Century and co-author (with Jean Boyd) of The Collected Works of Nana Asma’u, 1793–1864 and One Woman’s Jihad: Nana Asma’u Scholar and Scribe. Jean Boyd is former principal research fellow of the Sokoto History Bureau and research associate of the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. She is the author

  • Four Essays on the Obligation of Veiling

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    Four Essays on the Obligation of Veiling by Sheikh Bin Baaz, Sheikh Ibn Al-Uthaimeen, Sheikh Zayd bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee and Sheikh Salih Al-Fawzan

    This is the second edition of the book “Three Essays on the Obligation of Veiling” which was published in 2003 and received with warm acceptance by the English-speaking Muslims to the point that there was a need for it to be reprinted since the original edition has run out, all praise be to Allaah.

    In an effort to provide as much benefit to the readers as possible, a new treatise was added to this edition bringing four separate treatises from different authors on the subject of Hijaab and veiling compiled into one book. In addition to this, there are several appendixes with quotes from the scholars of past and present elucidating points raised in the treatises.

    About the Authors:

    Imaams Ibn Baaz and Ibn Al-Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on them, were without doubt amoung the top leading scholars of their lifetime. Today, Shaikhs Saalih Al-Fawzaan and Zayd Al-Madkhalee have carried on this legacy in the lands of Saudi Araba, being two of the senior and revered scholars of this present time

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    Heaven Under Your Feet

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    Size cm: 15×21

    Binding: Soft Cover

    Asin: ASIN

    Author: Umm Hasan Bint Salim

    Publisher: Ta-ha Publication

    Heaven Under Your Feet

    Pregnancy For muslim women

    Pregnancy is an ultimate time to turn to Allah. Not only is it a physical process, it is also a spiritual and emotional journey filled with excitement and apprehension. Heaven Under Your Feet accompanies sisters along this beautiful phase in life.

    Whilst there is lots of advice-packed literature out there for the expectant mother, this book broaches the subject from the perspective of a Muslimah, addressing the thoughts and concerns

    of someone looking for an Islamic viewpoint on what is a unique and special moment in her life.

  • I Love My family Serie: My Mum Is Amazing

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    I Love My family Serie: My Mum Is Amazing
    Author: K.K UDDIN
    Publisher: London Islamic Research Academy (LIRA)

  • Inner dimensions of the prayer – ibn Qayyim

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    Inner Dimensions of the Prayer

    Today’s pace of life has created an imbalance in many people’s priorities, especially in diminishing spiritual fulfilment. Seldom do we find contentment or a sense of purpose in our daily routine; Masjid’s are running on the hollowness of its congregations, homes have become dry of personal uplift – thisv is due to a distinct lack of understanding of what our prayer means and what it demands of us. Prayer is a fundamental act of worship every Muslim strives to prefect, and it is the first thing about which Allah will question mankind on the Day of Judgment. It is the domain of tranquillity for the devote and the coolness of their eyes. It is the garden of the worshipers, and the test of the sincere ones. It is truly a divine Mercy that Allah has gifted His believing servants with, honoured and dignified them to seek His nearness through it.

    Imam Ibn Qayyim’s ‘Asrar al-Salah’ is from among powerfully inspiring works that take the reader through a vivid journey of the stages of prayer and their profound spiritual significance – combined with the physical actions that symbolise submission, surrender and humility to Allah. The author identifies impediments to achieving khushu’ in prayer, and beautifully explains some profound benefits and wisdom behind actions performed therein and the words proscribed. He also adds a concise note on the psychological effect of listening to the magnificence of the Qur’an and strikes a comparison with music and its depravity and decadence. The rich literary style used by Ibn Qayyim itself is a delight to behold – and the translator has successfully maintained some of that imagery in the translation. This work will provide the reader with a unique insight into the prayer and its inner dimensions. It will be a truly uplifting experience that will reflect in the refreshing new light we see our prayer. Lackluster attitudes will be eliminated, especially of those who see prayer as a mere ritual of releasing themselves from its obligation, and will enliven us to become more careful and attentive within it.
    By :Imam ibn qayyim al-jawziyyah
    Publisher : Dar us-sunnah
    Pages :96 (paperback)

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    SKU: 9781943281602
    Pages: 128
    Year of Publication: 2015
    Size cm: 15×22
    Binding: soft cover
    Weight: 200.0000 mg
    Author: Shaykh Abdur Razzaaq Bin Abdul muhsin Al-badr
    Publisher: Maktabatulirshad Publications

    £8.00 £6.00
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    Marriage & Divorce Keep Them In Kindness Or Release Them In Kindness

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    Year of Publication:1998

    Size cm: 15×23

    Binding: Soft Cover

    Asin: ASIN

    Author: Dr. Muhammad Jamil Ghazi

    Publisher: CWP Publications

    Translator: Abu Zakariya James Pavlin

    Product Description

    Marriage & Divorce Keep Them In Kindness Or Release Them In Kindness

     At last, an English translation of a book on the topic of marriage & divorce, that is easy to read & understand. This, along with the user friendly format, make this book a must for every library. It includes the steps which should be taken before considering a divorce, as well as the steps which should be taken after deciding to divorce.

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