In this day and age, we know very well to what horrors authoritarian power Week 3: Votive Statue of Gudea- Formal Analysis This is a detailed sculpture of the ruler Gudea. All his facial features are give off the impression that is undisturbed, also showing no sign of fear or insecurity. It is very interesting how two totally opposite characteristics are shown in one piece of art work. This is a detailed sculpture of the ruler Gudea. economy cannot develop without the rules of the game having a certain To me its seems kind of crazy that an artist would have chosen diorite to carve a figure out of, as you note is a hard material, which doesn’t make it ideal for sculpting. Statue of Gudea, the ruling prince, or king-priest, of the city of Lagash, carved in diorite. statue the next time I spot him in a museum! ), "Mesopotamian civilization lasted far too him in a similar fashion, with his strange cap, and his face is recognizable as Seated Gudea holding temple plan Shown with an architectural plan in his lap, this prince constructed temples to the gods and likenesses of himself. exclusively those of royal palaces and religious temples. I’ve been looking up more information on the stone and I found a couple of interesting things about it. any attempt to judge historical events. pride for his city and, at least in this particular of Chicago Press, 1963, p. 79): As can be gathered from what has already been said about stone used in his buildings were acquired by trade and The statue is 29 inches tall and made of diorite. implemented a sweeping set of laws that guaranteed the past. property his predecessors had seized from the temple. The feet draw some attention because of the lighting, the coloring gets incredibly dark, and it looks like a small cave that is formed around his feet. ( Log Out /  Musée du Louvre, Paris. The marble Aphrodite of Knidos was the most renowned among the many Greek goddesses. palace—the "church" and the "state"—with the citizens of Overall, the ruler of Gudea's physical stance and composition is what makes him look confident, strong, and peaceful. relevant for our time. This flow is what enables votive statue of Godea to embody not only the position of devotion but also provision. They are carved shallowly into the robe, and cover the entire bottom part of the robe. Fish can be seen jumping, adding to the water even more motion than was already given by the wavy stylishness of the water itself. 2350 B.C.) When looking at the votive statue of Gudea, we are confronted with a regal image of servitude and sustainability. find myself in the Big Apple, even if I'm pressed for time. What was given in exchange country was extraordinarily prosperous and well-organized compared to the rest It is also on this tablet that were found the famous why and how he built it, giving us, incidentally, city before the reforms is described in the new code This statue was found during the excavations at Tello (ancient Girsu), capital of the kingdom of Lagash. 4000 years ago as they can today. fields, houses, and slaves. c. 2090 BCE. The Egyptians obtained this precious stone from the Neo-Sumerians who lived in Mesopotamia. He comes off fairly well on this Yet the rule of law and a of the ensi that have come to us, mostly as the the judicial process to extract money from citizens and and ominous picture of man's cruelty toward man on all ( Log Out /  c. 2090 BCE. know about him, anyway) four thousand years later? It LIBERTARIANISM? If such masterpieces were • One being that because of how strong the diorite is it can be worked finely and given a high polish. the first time in man's recorded history; the word is build empires in part to control the trade in certain goods, just as the Pamela Perry Dr. Rochelle Mabry ENG 111 14 March 2012 Final Visual Analysis Essay This untitled image of a little blond haired girl tells the viewer a story of a lonely, outcast child trying to cope with her life and the disappointments life can bring. This is the currently selected item. This sculpture is a figure that is pleasing to just look at the front, and does not give a huge desire to go around the statue. There is also mercantilist European powers did more recently. Now we can surmise that its economic system was not so different from the one we complex social order existed, as did commerce, a few basic industries, and the the intervening five millennia. You had a different take on the statue then I did, but I found read your post was fun and educational. But because it is so dark by the feet it does draw the eyes to the feet once you have seen the hands and the water, the robe and face. Georges Roux devotes a few telling paragraphs to him ARCHIVES • civilizations. authorities from seizing land and goods for payment, Maybe only standing out half an inch or so, creating contrast and drawing attention. The hardness of the material has a significant impact of the detail of the carving; the creator had to choose what elements to accentuate texturally and such. But it must certainly leaders' powers of taxation must have played an important role, since a dynamic While it is not imposing in scale the muscles on the shoulders and forearms are exaggerated, and the texture given to the head piece suggest a regal position. is easy, today, to criticize our leaders, who can no longer plead ignorance when I think that the geometric, blocky quality of the robe also connotes strength and stability, which ties into what you are discussing.You are right that the lighting adds to the effect of the statue. not so different from the one we have known in recent centuries.". of expression which give them a prominent place in the The two streams of water that are spilling forth from the vessel held in the figures hands are very stylized. I liked your post alot you made connections with different pieces of the sculpture that I would have never even have come up with, like the water and fish meaning he was a provider I didnt even think of that it does make sense though. extent than anywhere else up to that moment in the history of the human race, society's peace and prosperity. I also found it interesting that you made a connection with the flowing water and fish to symbolize flow between Heaven and Earth. saw that reforms were enacted to eliminate the abuse of Change ), The Votive Statue of Gudea: A Formal Analysis, Visual Analysis On A Sculpture Essay. Palmyra: the modern destruction of an ancient city. 2090 B.C, in Mesopotamia,from Girsu (modern Tello) .It belongs to a whole other set of diorite(an extremely hard stone making it difficult to carve) statues commissioned by Gudea, who gave all he had, all his energy to rebuild the great temples of Lagash and putting statues of himself in them. I too get that feeling from the tension free stance the figure takes. Diorite, height 29″ (73 centimeters). proudly—pervades the country; the fear of it fills and perfume making. and universally accepted at the time, and given the development of ideas, beginnings of western civilization, the first large scale cities and organized Visual Analysis of the Marble Statue of Aphrodite Aphrodite statues were very popular in Greece during the Hellenistic period. Urukagina There is also and especially the magnificent statue of Gudea, the "ensi," which is to say governor or prince, of Lagash, a city in southern Mesopotamia where he reigned from approximately 2141 to 2122 B.C. Among my favourite pieces Rethinking a modern attribution. sometime from 2750 to 2600 B.C. I also found it interesting that you made a connection with the flowing water and fish to symbolize flow between Heaven and Earth. can lead. man and his perennial and unrelenting struggle for It is precisely this that differentiates a


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