I'm not knowing the answer. 'Have fun' is similar to 'enjoy' - it's an action. Remember that the present continuous can talk about temporary actions which are in progress now. _____________________________________________________, Finally, in 1952, Congress changed these laws. Use vivid verbs in your writing to appeal to the imagination. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! View the privacy policy. feedback1[i].innerHTML=" ✗ Sorry! _____________________________________________________, In their eyes they are different from the other Americans. _____________________________________________________, In time, however, they are familiar with America, its people, and its customs. "; if (question2[i].value == "7") { State verbs, on the other hand, are not normally used in the continuous form. . feedback1[i].style.color="green"; feedback2[i].innerHTML=" ✗ This is a state verb. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I'm also on Facebook. Exercise #2: Verbs That Are Both State & Action Verbs John (not/work) now. _____________________________________________________, Sentiment for restrictions became stronger in the 1880s. The ship docked. English verbs. feedback1[i].style.color="red"; Put the verbs in brackets in their correct form. This grammar exercise tests your ability to use action verbs and state verbs correctly. Every sentence has a verb, and many verbs show action. ( eat, learn, read, reach, jump, run, go etc ) Stative Verbs They describe a state rather than an action. _____________________________________________________, Immigrants are in every part of the United States. } feedback2[i].style.color="red"; Information about a person or thing often follows these verbs in sentences. feedback1[i].style.color="red"; Press "Check" to check your answers. for (i=0; i actions exercises. _____________________________________________________, Each country even had a quota for its immigrants. . feedback2[i].style.color="red"; Action verbs can have both continuous and simple forms. We don't usually use state verbs with a continuous (be + verb-ing) form. feedback2[i].style.color="green"; Grammar test 1. "; Information about a person or thing often follows these verbs in sentences. Dynamic verbs and stative verbs exercises Reminder: Actions that are in progress now => present progressive Example: We are walking right now. The verbs are used in their stative and dynamic meanings. Verb tenses exercises - all levels esl. In the sentences below, if it is an action, choose the continuous form. If it is a state, choose the simple form. Stative verbs describe a state rather than an action. I hope it helps you too. To be, present simple, past simple, present continuous, passive, to have, worksheets. feedback2[i].innerHTML=" ✗ This is temporary behaviour, not personality.


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