It has a maximum performance of 867Mbps, but the signal becomes weaker the further … It has 300Mbps Wi-Fi and two high gain omnidirectional antennas. The point of the EAP225-Outdoor is it working in terms of the wireless mesh network. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. You won’t get any type of straps for mounting it on a pole, so you will have to get those yourself and, since this device is vulnerable to lightning, you should also add a Lightning/Surge Arrester between the Bullet and the antenna. This implies that you get a heavy set of features and you need a bit of know-how to properly configure the setup you want. Conçu pour résister aux environnements extérieurs, le DAP-3320 excelle aussi dans la connexion des réseaux distincts qui ne peuvent pas être reliés en utilisant un câblage physique. The Quick Setup section gives you the possibility to configure the operation mode of your device: you can choose between Access Point (supports multiples SSIDS), Client, Repeater (Range Extender), Bridge, AP Router and AP Client Router (WISP Client) – each has a short description about the way it’s going to operate (choosing any mode, will initiate a short setup wizard). Instead, it’s aimed at people that want to create a connection between two routers. When you go outside your device may not switch over to the outdoor automatically if you name the EAP the same as the Deco. The hardware installation requires that you remove the cover to reveal the ports, take an Ethernet cable and connect one end to the LAN0 from the AP and the other end to the PoE injector (you get up to 200 feet Power over Ethernet deployment) and connect the Power cable to the PoE injector and to the wall outlet. Range Of Service – The range of service is basically how far the Wi-Fi signal will reach. The farthest point that I tested the NetMetal ac2 was at 570 feet (I did try at 650, but there was too much interference to get a usable throughput); at this location, I measured an average of 41.6 Mbps on the 5GHz network and an average of 20.2 Mbps on the 2.4GHz WiFi network. Power over Ethernet. The Bullet M2-Ti doesn’t look like the other devices from this list: there is no rectangular or circular shape, because Ubiquiti adopted a rather unorthodox approach when it designed the M2. Nicht mit anderen Vorteilscodes kombinierbar. Remove the two large spring-operated screws and you will be able to access the antenna area (as well as the Auxiliary ports that need to be drilled) and no, Mikrotik did not add any antennas in the package. Before accessing the installation process, you need to assign a static IP address (so it doesn’t get in conflict with the default IP of the access point) and then open any web browser to go to The airMAX logo allows you to enable the airMAX feature, choose the airView port (the airView feature gives you real-time spectral views, as well as waterfall and waveform in order to easily identify noise interferences), enable the Long Range PtP Link Mode and enable the airSelect. This access point is actually very similar to the Ubiquiti UniFi Outdoor we featured earlier in the list. Wi-Fi networks are generally easy to set up until something goes wrong. As already pointed out, besides the access point, the Cambium ePMP 2000 series also features a Smart Antenna (needed in order for the user to take advantage of the Smart Beamforming feature) and a Sector Antenna, which offers a useful compact mounting system for both the access point and for the smart antenna and it features a front-to-back ratio of 35db and a wide frequency range. Ab Kaufdatum erhalten Sie eine kostenlose Händlergarantie von 48 Monaten auf garantieverlängerungsfähige Produkte. But, this opinion is shared among the IT specialists, while the home users have usually steered clear of MikroTik products.


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