Believe it or not, Facebook groups have driven a lot of traffic to my website. As a administrator you decide who can join your group or what can be shared; Brand visibility – everyone who joins your group will know who you are; Build strong networking relationships with other users of the groups; You create a quality community around your brand; Ability to share your content instantly, without waiting for anyone’s approval, etc. Janice. Exciting to hear! Do you target creating content for a certain number of groups or build a labyrinth of groups that are targeted to your niche? 3. Just when I left a bunch of them, you share more goodies! Related:  How We Made Over $17,500 Blogging Last Month. The Top 40+ Active Facebook Travel Groups to Join in 2019. Connect with other young travelers, share stories, engage in discussions, and meet up around the world! How We Made $17,640 Blogging this Month (April 2018), 10 Best WordPress Plugins You Need To Monetize a Blog. (To learn more about event promotion through Facebook ads, check out this post.). Do you recall which ones didn’t work, so I can check? Wowful post Janice Or would a blogger need more? (I’ve shared this post to one of the group’s sharing pages) as usual awesome advice. Unlike other groups, self-promotion is encouraged — share your articles and resources, as long as it’s in a non-spammy way. Once again thanks for this piece, I so appreciate this article. Thank you for this great list of FB groups. Please return with the link so we can see. While that may sound cliche, many are sheltering-in-place alone. Great advice here. I am on some groups but need to spread my wings. I generally try to see how active the group is. Janice. Hopefully, my business will explode as you mentioned in the title. My experience is not isolated. Thank you for reading what I wrote, by the way. The groups are made up of people with a common interest. I wonder why. As you can see, I received 115 page views coming to my blog from Facebook. I am surprised I have not seen you over there in any of the groups. Hey Amy, thanks for sharing! See you there! I really appreciate this post and will be saving it for reference. Better yet, say hello to thousands of fellow small business owners who are also on the lookout for potential collaboration opportunities. Facebook groups are incredible forums for connecting with others in your local community or around the globe. Edward, Hi Edward, High praise! I am not sure if this is end error on my end. Thank you. It really goes a long way to get me connecting with other bloggers, you guys are awesome. For example, you can comment on their posts and share their writing on your social media. The group's primary purpose it to serve as a think tank and sounding board for small shop fundraisers to create transition confidence. If so, you are really in demand. I always look forward to read your posts. I’m excited to be in the group! Janice, You’re in. Join our new travel forum. A forum to share travel photos, videos, information, and recommendations. The traffic stats are here and the results are in an Excel sheet. Once again, the variety of posts you get is correlated with the number of members in the group. This is a great group to join if you’re trying to avoid seeing non work-related content. I realize promoting in all these groups can be time-consuming. I found Facebook groups very helpful when I started blogging, and it’s very true the value lies in engagement, not just link dropping. I found some new-to-me ones. And then “groups”. According to the Social Media Marketing Talk Show Podcast, Facebook saw many groups fold since the moderators of Facebook groups felt their groups were too big to manage. Thanks for letting us know about it. Welcome and don’t forget to post a link to your newest post at the top post that’s anchored to top spot:, Hi Edward, I’m glad you like my article. You don’t want to break any of the rules and get banned for  posting something your not suppose to.


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