Lily leaf beetle (. In warmer locations in Massachusetts, this emergence has occurred around the middle of April. Photos by Philip A. Stack and Lois Berg Stack. The larvae then drop to the soil to pupate. Remove any leaf litter once snow melts from these areas to hasten beetle emergence. It is thought that LLB arrived in a shipment of lily bulbs from Europe. To date, the three most resistant lilies in our tests are Lilium henryi ‘Madame Butterfly’, Lilium speciosum ‘Uchida’, and Lilium ‘Black Beauty’. This coating of excrement, also known as a ‘fecal shield’, may help deter predators according to some research. This could be anywhere, not necessarily in the vicinity of lilies and fritillaries. The lily leaf beetle is indigenous to parts of Europe and Asia. Seen the lily beetle? Seen the lily beetle? Products containing neem oil, a botanical insecticide, have been shown to kill very young larvae but must be applied every five to seven days after egg hatch. As of 2001, it spread as far west as Alberta, and as of 2017 full infestations reported as far north as the … Lily leaf beetle has been reported in Maine (1997), New Hampshire (1997), Rhode Island (1999), Connecticut (2001), Vermont (1998), and New York (2000). Note: All information in this article has been obtained from various sources on the Internet. Destroy the egg cases on the underside of the leaves. Northeastern IPM News, Dept. The red lily beetles emerge from the ground in the early spring around mid-April. Females lay orange eggs in an irregular line on the undersides of leaves and on flower buds and open flowers. Use your own discretion in controlling beetles on your property and use only the methods with which you are comfortable with. The eggs hatch within 4-8 days into the immature or larval stage. Recent research efforts to control the lily leaf beetle have concentrated on classical biological control which acquaints natural enemies with their host. Survey. We have found that certain lily species limit the survival of LLB eggs and larvae and thereby reduce subsequent damage to the plants. We would like to know. The red lily leaf beetle (Lilioceris lilii) is a destructive pest that feeds almost exclusively on true lilies (Lilium spp. If the infestation is greater, more drastic measures are needed. A parasitic wasp is being tested to determine if it can reduce the presence of the lily beetle. Larvae pass through four instars which can be told apart based on the size of their head capsule. A The adults overwinter in the soil or on leaf debris and can appear from late March if the weather is warm. Researchers at the University of Rhode Island and their collaborators have identified three parasitoids (wasps) that are specific to the genus Lilioceris and were approved by the USDA APHIS PPQ for field release. It’s important to begin scouting for the emergence of adults in April and destroy any that you see. Discovered in Montreal, the red lily beetles were confined to the surrounding area for years. Remove the larvae. Dust or spray with Rotenone or any pyrethrum based pesticide at 5-7 day intervals. The pupae are florescent orange. These beetles add to the feeding damage but there is only one generation a year and these late summer adults will not mate and lay eggs until the following year. Their research is ongoing and these wasps are not yet commercially available. As soon as lilies break through the ground, over-wintered, bright red adult lily leaf beetles will begin to actively feed on the foliage. The biology of the lily beetle Lilioceris lilii (Scopoli) (507kB pdf) Additional active ingredients may be labelled for use against leaf beetles or their larvae, but read and follow all label instructions for safety and proper use. Lily leaf beetle (Lilioceris lilii) is known to lay its eggs and develop only on true lilies, Lilium species (Turk's cap lilies, tiger lilies, Easter lilies, Asiatic and Oriental lilies) (not daylilies), and fritillaria (Fritillaria sp). ©2020 University of Massachusetts Amherst • Site Policies, Greenhouse Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual, New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide, Pesticide Information (Labels, MSDS, WPS), Pesticide Licensing (Certification, Exams, Workshops), Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing and Diagnostics, Nest Location in Bumble Bees: Effect of Landscapes and Insecticides, Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment. Py Bug Killer), The systemic neonicotinoid insecticide acetamiprid (e.g. Both the immature stage and adults cause damage by eating the leaves and buds. One female lily leaf beetle can lay up to 450 eggs over the course of a season. Where only small numbers of lilies are grown then regular inspections of the leaves should be carried out from late March. RHS statement on pesticides in horticulture, Join Follow label instructions when using pesticides. If this is not sufficient to reduce the damage to acceptable levels then you may choose to use pesticides. The adult beetles are about ½" long with a very bright red body, and black legs, head, antennae, and undersurface. Manitoba Regional Lily Society. The eggs are irregul… Some beneficial insects show promise in controlling these insects, but they are not yet available to home gardeners. are not hosts for lily leaf beetle. 222879/SC038262, Adult beetles which are 8mm long and have bright red wing cases and thorax. Provanto Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Bug Killer) and cypermethrin (e.g. While they feed, the larvae pile their own excrement on their backs which makes them objectionable to hand-pick. When you find your plants have been afflicted by a lily beetle infestation, it can leave you feeling frustrated. Call 800.287.0274 (in Maine), or 207.581.3188, for information on publications and program offerings from University of Maine Cooperative Extension, or visit The over-wintered adults emerge early in the spring and begin the cycle again with feeding, mating and egg-laying. It is thought to have been introduced to North America through the importation of plant bulbs in 1943. The yellowish orange eggs hide under lily … Whatever you choose, read the label carefully and follow the instructions. Before recommending a product or applying any pesticide, READ THE LABEL and apply only as directed on the label. L. lilii . Lily beetles spend the winter quite comfortably cuddled into your perennial bed soil. It was just found to be able to overwinter in Manitoba, which opens up the opportunity to disburse the wasp into areas infested by the beetle. Although lilies and fritillaria are the primary hosts, lily leaf beetle also feeds, sometimes just lightly, on a number of other plants, including lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis), Soloman's seal (Polygonatum spp. Lily beetle has become widespread in Britain and Ireland since the early 1990s. This beetle threatens the use of garden lilies in our region. 00: 1-11. Life Cycle: Adult beetles emerge (and are most active) around July – September. Establishment of Parasitoids of the Lily Leaf Beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in North America. The beetles begin emerging on sunny days in late March and April when they seek out the foliage of host plants. Damage Caused by Asiatic Red Lily Beetles . It is a list of products currently available to the home gardener. Environmental Entomology. Lily leaf beetles can be found feeding on a variety of plants, including potatoes, Nicotiana, Solomon’s seal, bittersweet and a few others, but they only lay their eggs on true lilies and fritillarias. Avoid spraying when plants or nearby plants (including weeds) are in bloom. Note that it is thought that imidacloprid is one of several causes of bee decline and should never be used when bees are active or on plants in flower. Based on the wide geographic and climactic range of the beetle’s native distribution throughout Europe and Asia, this insect is likely to establish across much of North America.


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