Roast Beef: Rear hand, heelside grab, between feet, through legs. grab, between feet, board is brought up to waist. Tail: Rear hand, grabbed on tail of board. One Piece top side to side, No Drilling top Liquid Tower. we have compiled installation and owner manuals related to our wakeboard towers, racks, accessories, and will help you understand the easy installation process. Grabs are the essence of boardsports which really allow riders to define their style. In 2006 an idea was born in a townhouse garage Sydney Australia. For trick tip help, please see the Trick List. A grab is performed when a rider grabs the board in various locations with their hand. Wakeboarding News: Grabs. Indy Nosebone: Rear hand, toeside grab, between feet, bone out your front leg and point it back to Method: Lead hand, heelside Nuclear: Rear hand, front heelside grab, back leg boned out. Japan Air: Lead Hand grab in front of front foot while board is brought up so it's Canadian Bacon: Rear hand, toeside grab, between feet, through legs. Canadian Bacon: Rear hand, toeside grab, between feet, through legs. Crail: Rear hand, front toeside grab, back leg is boned out. Tai Pan: Lead hand, toeside grab, between feet through legs. Check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit, Liquid Swing rack Adator - R-SA5 - INDY - ANODIZED, Universal potoon bimini t top & wakeboard tower anodized, Pair of Quick Rotatable Single Aluminum Polished Pods Kicker KM654CW (OUT OF STOCK), U shape Reborn Surfboard Rack Glossy Black. document.write ("<" + "script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript' src='"); Enter it and your e-mail in the fields below and hit send: , Copyright 1997-2012 - - All Rights Reserved. If we're missing a grab, submit it here. An Indy grab, also known as an Indy air, is an aerial skateboarding, snowboarding and kitesurfing trick during which the rider grabs his/her back hand on the middle of his board, between his/her feet, on the side of the board where his toes are pointing, while turning backside. The founder wanted to create an affordable, wakeboard tower brand for families. document.write ("'><" + "/script>"); Are we missing a trick? Roast Beef grab.


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