For example, perhaps you’re an artist working with recyclable materials because you’re inspired by their texture and pliability. They’ll always live with a desire to create, but without the means to express it. “They often seem reluctant to speak of just how frustrating and baffling the whole experience can be. Kate Rowland, an illustrator from the collective After School Club explains: "Being in After School Club is great for motivation. If you have the passion and the motivation to stay ahead of the game, then a creative career can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The creative sector is characterised by high levels of job satisfaction. Be specific about the way you’ve sourced and approached new opportunities to display or showcase your work. Some artists do drawings directly onto their canvas before they start to paint, but many don't. Anyone can Learn to Draw Whether you’re snagging a new gig, landing a commission, being featured in an art magazine or meeting with someone in your studio, preparation makes you feel more confident, in control and less nervous. There are currently over 1.9 million people working in the creative industries. We’ve provided plenty of additional resources for pricing your work here on Artrepreneur, so do check these articles out so you can feel confident about pricing your work. Whether or not these artists passed through the other categories before reaching this point is sometimes hard to say. However, by 2016, the government expects this figure to skyrocket, with an additional 1.3 million new jobs in the private sector alone. They take from what they see and make their own unique art, picking and choosing the elements, colors, lines, and shapes they want to use in their work. Plan a Series of Paintings Which current art world trends are you following? Choosing Oils or Acrylics Unfortunately these individuals have the most to lose by leaving. This is a tough place for artists to be. The visual arts are less grade-centric than other disciplines. This artist interview question signals whether you can be taken seriously as an artist. Here's why you shouldn't wait for a gallery to come knocking. It allows us to utilise each other's skills, therefore we have more resources to help one another. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when having a pricing discussion with a collector is hesitating when it comes time to name your price. 6. We were all there once, and I think most of us understand that these beginners represent the future of art, and as such deserve our help and support. The first type of artist are those just beginning. Here is a good web site to see other peoples creativity and if you so desire... post your own art work for others to see. Drawing is not just an initial step in making a painting. How to Judge Art According to Nikki Grattan, one of the founders of In The Make, a blog showcasing the studios of West Coast artists, artists are frequently far too “ambiguous” when it comes to answering this artist interview question. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Art in this category can range from whimsical to awe-inspiring or even horrific, much like humanity itself. Instead, you should frame your answer in a manner that explains why and how viewers should consider your work; how it forms a cohesive narrative that sparks a dialogue about your work. Follow these simple tips for creating visually stunning sites that include all the necessary information that will engage others. For example, “Donald Judd’s work opened the door for me to think about representing shapes and forms into their most essential components. How to Price your Art Do you belong to an artist collective or association? I think it’s a disservice to perpetuate the myth of ‘opportunities just happening’ if that’s not really the case.”. Her work has appeared in Reuters, VICE, Hyperallergic, Univision, and more. For example, perhaps you’re an artist working with recyclable materials because you’re inspired by their texture and pliability. Similar to the previous inquiry, this artist interview question focuses on your career, but your answer here should take a more measurable format. The question of payment is a hot potato – in general, the shorter the internship, the less likely you are to get paid. Have you won any awards? What art students need to know is: can I make a living from being creative? How does your work comment on current social or political issues? Because the central function of an artist is to convey an idea. You could say for example, “Engaging in social practice is very popular right now as artists seek a more direct impact on their communities and challenging social issues. Similar to the question above, it’s important to remember that some of the most revered artistic work always plays a deeper role in the transformation of societies. Here are 10 honest truths about work, life and leisure in the creative industry. Being prepared for an interview shows the person on the receiving end that you’re respectful of their time and are taking the opportunity seriously. After all, if you’re not trying to say anything about your work, then why are you making it? When asked this question, there’s no need to try and compare your work to any current art world trends. The other extreme is the artist-celebrity. Boost productivity, be more effective, and take care of yourself with these creative habits. Why Artists should Blog, Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, 4 Tips for Designing a Creative Studio Space at Home. Artists love socialising. Listen to the full podcast here! This beauty-as-sexy phenomenon has a deep biological parallel with human art because it is the connection of a visual stimulus with an inner emotional state. Many artists work freelance. Is your work informed by certain concepts or themes from your childhood, background, socio-economic status, where you lived or were raised? Whatever the case may be, this inquiry allows patrons, collectors, and writers to better frame and categorize your work and connect you to the history of art. Some artists supplement their income with a second job. Do you sell your work online through your website or online marketplace? In addition, you’ll want to use this question to discuss your educational background and any experiences that may have contributed to your evolution as an artist. Working for a company can prepare you with essential industry skills and improve your employability. Art Copyright Information Your response is an opportunity to showcase how hard you’re working to get your work out there and shows your investment in art. However, take it a step further and actually write down or type your answers and practice saying them aloud. Do you seek out commissioned public art projects? How did those opportunities come about? The third type of artist sees and understand the visual world. Whether you're searching for commissions or trying to advance your career, networking gives you the chance to meet industry professionals and expose yourself to new opportunities. In this article, we review a key example of publicity and privacy issues, and what you need to know to keep your photography rights in the clear. The Best Art Blogs Online If you’re sitting down with a potential collector, curator or gallerist, they’ll want to know that you’ve been thinking about your career trajectory and are therefore worthy of investment. There is no perceived middle ground, no stability, no security: there are simply those who make it, and those who don't. They take from what they see and make their own unique art, picking and choosing the elements, colors, lines, and shapes they want to use in their work. So let's try to make things a little clearer – and maybe dispel some myths along the way. Instead, approach this question with plenty of transparency. 7. 7. This line of artist interview questions shouldn’t simply be met with “I’m from ___. Many artists form collectives to publicise and exhibit their work.


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