My wife had a regular all veggie. My family and I will certainly be back. A hint of sweet without too much salt.My husband ordered the Honolulu Chicken with veggies on his first visit. I've had the real stuff. Joe Biden won the election, Patrick Mahomes credited Eric Bieniemy for Chiefs’ game-winning TD against Raiders, Kansas official: ‘We’re getting real close to pre-World War II Germany’ with mask orders, They ‘aren’t playing’: KC cracks down on bars and restaurants violating COVID order, A tough winter ahead: Kansas City bars, restaurants fear mass closures as COVID rages, Kansas City restaurants offering Thanksgiving specials for dine-in or to-go in 2020. She waited and waited in the parking lot, parked in front of the curbside pickup/carryout sign. 1 . Ordered online for an at-home meal.Never tried this place but it came highly recommended. They're just far enough from my house that I don't go all the time- but at least twice a month my husband will run through the drive thru. Coat chicken with seasoned flour. The portions are huge. I got the Honolulu chicken and a twisted dole whip. Great service. you then stand awkwardly near a trashcan, just trying not to be in anyone's way as they exit the restaurant, stand in line to refill at the drink machine, or attempt to discard their trash. I also don't understand why you get rice under the meat as well as a scoop. I got the Honolulu Chicken and a twist Dole Whip! It seemed like each dish was either really sweet or really bland.I told the cashier that this was my first experience and she said her favorite thing is the #2 (Molokai chicken). I ordered the Honolulu chicken in the small size. I had a large mix of pork and Honolulu chicken with a side of pineapple vs macaroni. Submit corrections. The macaroni salad was different than I've ever tasted but it was very good. This is a great place to go if you want food that will fill you up. I'd eat the food again. OR. She pointed out that one half had sesame seeds on it and that's the Honolulu one. Color me unimpressed. Can't beat a combination of mouth watering food & personable service. This place was so yummy! In Ahi poke of 4 ounce there is unavoidable fat and cholesterol content which is not at all a high when compared to the daily calorie intake . Having a bit of macaroni salad + rice + chicken was the perfect blend of flavors. We arrived about 15 minutes before they closed and ordered a #1 and #4 (Honolulu chicken). While many iconic foods have their place in the Hawaiian culinary identity, it’s the humble Hawaiian plate lunch that really embodies the aloha spirit. It is not just naturally low in calories, but it also typically doesn’t come with rice. ADD YOUR PHOTO. Want to chime in. The higher calorie is from ahi or fresh tuna added . So good, not like anything we have around here! Highly highly recommend for a cheap, delicious, loaded lunch or dinner. I'm searching for words other than the repetetive delicious! Improves other cardiovascular risk factors. Fish intake has also been linked to not just lower risk of stroke but also depression, and mental decline as we age. So here we will see a lot about Poke Bowl Calories – Benefits , Preparation & Nutritional Facts and so on. Once in the drive-through she went over the same grueling process, so she asked if she can just pull up to the window and show them. If you take one ahi poke bowl of 4 ounces then it adds to 149 calories in total . Join our family today! It makes sense in this no frills, but big flavor island food restaurant. I had wanted to try it for a while so my husband was in Belton and asked if I wanted anything for lunch since he was on his way home. Unlike sushi, poke is served with a variety of delicious healthy veggies and fresh marinades. How long to marinade chicken. This is part of our comprehensive database of 40,000 foods including foods from hundreds of popular restaurants and thousands of brands. We recently moved to area from Overland Park and often times miss some of the restaurants we no longer live by - including both sit down and fast casual. I am very excited that Hawaiian Bros. is only a short drive from my house. Try our signature chicken infused with fresh garlic, green onions, and sesame. Hub got Honolulu chicken, which is also tremendous - savory not sweet. They also plan an early 2019 opening in a former Boston Market at 12120 College Blvd., Overland Park. Wow! There portions are huge and delicious! Young and old, rich and poor all come together over the plate lunch. It also has small plates for $6.50 and large plates for $11.50, as well as sandwiches and sides including pineapple. The small was a great portion, but we also split a side of veggies.


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