What's missing is *proper… https://t.co/gFhO5K2eBH. Fujitsu A64FX – Processor Specifications and Details, Facebook Officially Launches Sales Partner Program in Pakistan, Samsung’s All New Ultra Portable Galaxy Book S 2020. h�bbd``b`� $� �� �D ��Ī��@��+��A�4�U �$.|e`b����H��I�'@� F� ( Fujitsu developed the microarchitecture of the A64FX by building on the technology of its previous supercomputers, mainframes, and UNIX servers. Fujitsu Completes Post-K Supercomputer CPU Prototype, Begins Functionality Trials (press release, June 21, 2018), Fujitsu's presentation material at Hot Chips 30, for download, [1] City: Tokyo A64FX is the world's first CPU to adopt the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE), an extension of Armv8-A instruction set architecture for supercomputers. Under certain types… https://t.co/DVs6Dpw0kI, RT @anandtech: Compact ✅ In other words, by using single precision or half precision operations, applications can get results even faster. A: The Post-K system will be available in 2021. A64FX is the high-performance CPU that will be used in post-K. GIGABYTE’s New AMD BRIX Series: Now With AMD Ryzen 4000U Renoir! Thanks for the heads up. Well Fujitsu has made an Arm CPU that uses it with a 512-bit width. Dear @microsoft Excel The presentation looks super interesting, so follow along with our live blog. The CPUs will be directly connected by the proprietary Tofu interconnect developed for the K computer, improving parallel performance. AT Deals: Ryzen 7 3800X Only $334 at Newegg, @PavelSnajdr GoCo has been around 20 years or so? @DanMatte The whole thing is a mess. %PDF-1.5 %���� Capacious ✅ 08:59PM EDT - That's a wrap. Fujitsu developed the microarchitecture of the A64FX by building on the technology of its previous supercomputers, mainframes, and UNIX servers. 158,976 node; two types of nodes Compute Node and Compute & I/O Node connected by Fujitsu TofuD, 6D mesh/torus Interconnect; two I/O network connections per rack 3-level hierarchical storage system 1st Layer One of 16 compute nodes, called Compute & Storage I/O Node, has SSD about 1.6 TB; Services Cache for global file system; Temporary … Approximately 140,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. However, for server use, 16 Gen3 PCIe lanes won't cut it by a mile. That can really limit the A64fx's usefulness. Read the Electronics Weekly @ 60 supplement ». I suspect someone sees some synergy with Fu… https://t.co/KKVTL9aVlV, Future plc (the publisher that owns AnandTech, Tom's, TechRadar, Country Homes, Cycling News, Edge, Guitarist, Mari… https://t.co/KhZbP3wizW, (Note if you place a ' before you start typing, it treats anything as text), @AasenKristian @lazygamereviews @linusgsebastian @LinusTech @vwestlife1 @tekwendell Sounds like a job for @Dellchannel21. Sign up for the Electronics Weekly newsletters: Mannerisms, Gadget Master and the Daily and Weekly roundups. A64FX is the high-performance CPU that will be used in post-K. Post-K is the successor to the K computer which in 2011 achieved the highest ranking in the world on the TOP500 list of supercomputers around the world. 08:32PM EDT - Last time we were here, had a 3-min presentation about Post-K, 08:33PM EDT - New microarch maximises SVE perf, 08:33PM EDT - Fujitsu has been making processors for 60 years, 08:34PM EDT - UNIX, HPC, Mainframe, now HPC + AI, 08:34PM EDT - New CPU inherits DNA from Fujitsu, 08:34PM EDT - Reliability, speed, flexibility, high perf/watt, 08:34PM EDT - end up with CPU w/ extremely high throughput, 08:35PM EDT - (A64FX doesn't mean Athlon 64, FX), 08:35PM EDT - Optimized for massively parallel, 08:36PM EDT - Throughput: 512-bit SIMD x 2 pipes/core, HBM2, 48-cores, Tofu interconnect, 08:36PM EDT - Efficiency: GEMM and Triad perf, 08:37PM EDT - Standards: Arm v8.2 + SVE + SBSA level 3 (Server Base System Architecture), 08:37PM EDT - 48 computing cores and 4 identical assistant cores, 08:38PM EDT - 6D Mesh - 28 Gbps x 2 lanes x 10 ports, 08:38PM EDT - 8.786B transistors, but only 594 pin, 08:39PM EDT - Optimized SVE for wide range of applications, 08:40PM EDT - HW Barrier and Sector cache - implementation defined system registers from AArch64, 08:40PM EDT - Predicated operations dedicated pipe, 08:41PM EDT - SVE has limitation on operands - FMA equivalent requires destructive 3-operand FMA3, 08:41PM EDT - hides overhead of main pipelin, 08:42PM EDT - 21.6 TOPS for INT8 dot product, 08:42PM EDT - Still 2x in 64-bit DGEMM over SPARC64 PrimeHPC FX100, 08:43PM EDT - Almost 20x the K comp in DGEMM, 08:43PM EDT - L1 cache is key to design for 512-bit SIMD, 08:43PM EDT - Combined Gather mechanism to increase throughput, 08:44PM EDT - Combined Gather enables return up to two consecutive elements in a 128-byte aligned block, 08:44PM EDT - Throughput per core is 32 bytes/cycle, 08:44PM EDT - Full chip is Divided into four memory groups, 08:45PM EDT - One CMG is 13 cores, an L2 cache, and a memory controller, 08:45PM EDT - Cache coherency by ccNUMA with on-chip directory, 08:45PM EDT - X-bar connection for L2 cache efficiency, 08:45PM EDT - Process binding ensures scaling, 08:45PM EDT - Wide Ring Bus for IO across whole chip, 08:46PM EDT - Bandwidth in cache and memory is key, 08:46PM EDT - Out-of-order mechanisms in cores, caches, and IMCs, 08:47PM EDT - Normalized compared to previous processor, perf is 2x across wide range of workloads, 08:48PM EDT - For AI, convolution low precision is 9.4x using INT8 dot product, 08:48PM EDT - Each chip has energy monitor in msec, 08:49PM EDT - Each core has energy analyzer in nanosec, 08:49PM EDT - Fine grained power analysis of a core, an L2 cache and memory, 08:49PM EDT - Power Knob for optimization, 08:49PM EDT - Can change hardware config for power, 08:50PM EDT - Change decode width, floating point pipeline, and general frequency reduction, 08:50PM EDT - Parity cehc on execution units, 08:50PM EDT - Parity Check* on execution units, 08:52PM EDT - Software stacks developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, 08:52PM EDT - Will continue to use Arm in the future, 08:54PM EDT - Q: When can you reach exascale? A: No. Fujitsu and RIKEN are developing post-K, aiming for starting operation around 2021. This 2.2GHz CPU has 48 cores, a combined 3.38 TFLOPS, and 32 GB HBM2 ram. Because it’s just a general-purpose CPU when it comes to efficiency per watt it even surpasses AMD and Nvidia GPUs. The Fujitsu A64FX, the only ARM-based processor designed for HPC projects and supercomputers from scratch, will soon be deployed to Sandia National Laboratories. Intel and AMD practically dominate the processor chip market in desktop CPU space, server-grade CPUs, HPC (high-performance computing) ventures, and much more. However, Japanese tech giant Fujitsu with its latest release (Fujitsu A64FX) appears to threaten that dominance. Read our special supplement celebrating 60 years of Electronics Weekly and looking ahead to the future of the industry. stream It has 48 calculation cores and two or four assistant cores, and has a theoretical peak performance of 3.3792 teraflops in double precision floating point calculations. A benchmark used as an indicator of memory access performance. As of June 2020, the Fugaku is the fastest supercomputer in the world by TOP500 rankings. As to SPARC -> ARM transition, the post-K project has to show its performance and reliability, both in terms of hardware and software first. The successor of the Fujitsu A64FX, the Fugaku, is projected to be 100 times more strong and hit a whopping 400 petaflops, reportedly. It's very well known. Thanks Ian! 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While the A64FX processor is compliant with the Armv8.2-A spec and has the SVE extensions, it has a custom core that inherits the superscalar processing, out-of-order execution, and branch prediction capabilities of the Sparc64 architecture.


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