What is IBAN? But not to worry, we’re about to make it all seem much clearer for you, and hopefully make it easier for you to send money internationally. x���m�ݶ����w8/�)`E|�����O�m�����N�b묓�u��ھ��/ɡG3CqOPԛ]��?Q�O�F:|�����ţ����t�x��p����o���ҕ���߿����:���9[i��_�ͳ��ϟ�߫?����۳��~<>?����×��������ϧ����k�ˣ�_n�����է����S{�xz������?o�����o�������R�����_���'����9~:������{�w!�����s��f��'/�}����U~7m�*��5Um�W����������iCZ:�T��pU�[����s��,�*�5���r�"�VU�=t���N;����B���������k~��d[�I���M8�?ţpb��O���_�_��^�#�;d���Ћ �)�Ͼ���W��Og���J�U����ԧ�j��b��T��=��,_2N�U�-���N��;|P�"4�%�^�:=��7���:�s+Y?f��G���Z���Z��0g9ӑ�ě���E�C�C��;*� <> 4 0 obj )T*\ڟ���G���WyE��yHU��$��h�v��o�����V�� �Ë��f7�gU#�u��gv�Y��R�W��. �S�V&i�O���ɜ�d\S �5�W6��,`+��Ķ+;0N%9�Z�l��4��9f+�h�2$��h�-��Y�ʓ�7�;��љp�T�m��mXT䶤�n7�W"�����6s�掵ґ�L ?kӸ�t~"��Gv�)p+��Ӣ� <>>> '��_�R�[���61G�8�?�IQ�Iq��;�cڮjT֩8OH��-p�?��>�a^�������i6�itaF��i`�a;��K�Ɔ�~�k����L�H��u�[z/���s�ĭ�Ghں��p�$ą���е�F2L�р���@g-J7c�����&�5r� ;� 'u�L��s$#N�A5�'�!i�>Νx:�x|���ʽ����Dҟ��,64e��r���1>Ҏd���VQ�U]�~w_��Y��\%���v_bҹ�fCd�a�bn�s�Sc�>f��G���C�ٗ�4�E5��Uc�"�� p@>�x�g�b�'��<<8��ݒ�~�:���i�*͜��bc1���_��e�������g;��/�A��2b���O�����V�2�E�(Q[a�c\�H��Y�/��J�c�T]�����u�鹶���3}g�%�Y��V�ȰHϰ��"` xq+�w��x6�t7z�p-8�c�.J�Ev��H����:����xp kQ��͐�qk���>m1�!m1� m�$��SU�3M�5������,����&\���.���-je�]㝶�ERKz"�)�X�s`m� stream endobj To those who don’t regularly deal with them, it can all get a little confusing. For each country you can view a sample IBAN format or decode your IBAN with the XE IBAN Calculator. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Some countries use them, some countries don’t. Here’s everything you need to know about IBAN Codes. endobj Countries where IBAN is mandatory in cross border payments are marked with an asterisk … This is a list of countries that have implemented the IBAN standard format. IBAN and BIC make international payments simpler, safer and cheaper. Recommended IBAN use for International payments Bosnia Herzegovina BA No IBAN-20 Alphanumeric Characters BA391290079401028494 Brazil BR No IBAN-29 Alphanumeric endobj -�����]�2ks��c7���R>n��m�'� L8~�.0� EpL#`G��F|�Ӂ&)��5�Lqg�v�3I����P�O�}�9�r���r~>v���ܽo��o��2ɮ��XS�8�)Nט�W��V��(�5IqE�FW�ߗ��E 'S�V��8_��P�o�nKwܘ��$��06�JN�UA��8�1�Q~"�Y��/� ��W�a�4VW��T��3Q\q޾�)n�h�8$*Sh�� �8�W�8��V�S���p��G�Dd�Mg�"\M���Edk�'�"ʀ7m'xk��dIxK�x#/��v�f��%��F�ˌhB����ф�7���j8��=Q�RI@����ML�2��;�����,��ʝ�zQ7k��%��f�t��?W�p������s�J�{-��sI1����,�*�н���T��H-{Rgz�yvMw�o��Y�Z�+��=9��, Jϰ���)�����"��wH��2���}s�. %PDF-1.5 1 0 obj 3 0 obj %���� More and more … )2�q�ts������Et$#Ե(�e�O?�.Dž_���'�0N�?��z�y���ڟ-�wJ�DǍ�|� �'�E��h��^JcD����h��w�g��_��1g���2��ʦ�:�{�i�+� Bʙ�۩��S�9ӑ:?��e� 2 0 obj <>


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