I didn’t even know there was a name for what I was going through. One of the main issues for those experiencing compassion fatigue is that it manifests itself without the person even realizing that this is, in fact, what they are dealing with: “People don’t always recognize compassion fatigue,” says Jeff Boehm, executive director of the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California, the largest marine mammal rehabilitation center in the world. | But life is not that easy. This creates a burden on the heart and soul of the caregiver. Does this mean that if you choose to devote yourself to helping animals that you’re destined to a life of suffering? Psychological Phenomena and Processes Commons. Specifically, those professionals who dedicate their lives to helping the sick and injured. To the Rescue! God, I'm such a mess. WellBeing International seeks to achieve optimal well-being for the triad of People, Animals and Environment (PAE) emphasizing the intersections of the three elements, through the following approaches to build global health and happiness: Global Awareness, Cooperation & Partnership and Science & Technology. Form is being submitted, please wait a bit. For animal care professionals, this constant stress and worry is known as compassion fatigue. No surprise then that compassion fatigue (also known as “secondary-traumatic stress disorder”), burnout, and complicated bereavement ensue, creating serious, if too often un-discussed, problems within the field. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the problem of compassion fatigue in the helping professions, including animal welfare. Outstanding Council Animal Shelter 2020 Winner, Community Education and Outreach Program 2020 Winner, Refuel Digital Technology Award 2020 Winner, Advocate® People’s Rescue Story Finalists 2020, Drontal® Foster Carer Story Finalists 2020, Outstanding Council Animal Shelter 2019 Winner, Community Education and Outreach Program 2019 Winner, Advocate® People’s Rescue Story 2019 Winner, Advocate® People’s Rescue Story Finalists 2019, Advocate People's Rescue Story finalists 2020, Advocate® People's Rescue Story Finalists 2019, Drontal Foster Carer Story finalists 2020, JETPETS COMPANION ANIMAL RESCUE AWARDS WINNERS 2020 REVEALED, Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2020 FINALISTS revealed, Rescue Awards is back to encourage and inspire rescue when needed most. Dr.Vanessa Rohlf is a consultant, therapist, and educator specialising in stress management, compassion fatigue and animal bereavement for animal caregivers. FAQ You cannot exist without doing all that you can to care for and save animals. Not only does CF dominate your professional life, but it always rears its head in your personal life. You can find me two places on ChicagoNow. “What these leaders learn has allowed them to have really honest discussions with their staffs and volunteers about how they want to restructure responsibilities, allowing people to move into different roles. “They’re able to manage their own internal experience better,” she said “I hear repeatedly that people have built more authentic self-care. In animal welfare, we need each other. The course is open to anyone who works with animals, and is eligible for 15 CE credits. Asking for help may feel too difficult. For someone that dedicates their life or a large portion of their life to rescuing and rehabilitating animals, it is no easy feat. Some studies are beginning to suggest that animal care professionals may be #1 in vulnerability to Compassion Fatigue and Burnout. While volunteers are theoretically free to leave, often their passion for the cause, their connection with the animals, and their awareness of inadequate staffing levels in many organizations make exercising that option extraordinarily difficult. Volunteers often struggle to come to terms with the stress inherent in animal rescue. In … Typically, the job of euthanizing society’s unwanted animals falls in the hands of animal shelter workers (often young women still in their 20's), animal control officers, or other animal care professionals, creating what Arluke (1994) called a caring–killing paradox. At the level of the workplace, start by acknowledging compassion fatigue as a workplace hazard and start having conversations with staff about what they find stressful, you can also involve staff in your compassion fatigue resiliency program by asking them for feedback and suggestions on what they think may be helpful in reducing and managing some of their stressors. It’s not a character flaw or sign of weakness. And be sure to follow me on Facebook for lots of great additional info you won't get here. Prolonged exposure to animal suffering, neglect and abuse together with working in sometimes aversive work conditions, place these individuals at high risk (Rohlf & Bennett, 2005; Scotney, 2015).


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