The culture changes, and generations change with it. Belief is declining in Iran and Saudi Arabia too despite a very rigid adherence to traditional practices and family - exposure to Western values of personal freedom etc is probably the only factor that can apply here. You -might- even do the right thing and grab your torch and pitchfork and put them out of business. Back then, I never questioned the religion I was raised in. If you grew up in a society where everyone who claimed to be "good," did nothing but use their deity as an excuse to hate/kill other human beings. It all starts with the image of adults they witness. Religion helps explain who they are, why they are in their current circumstances, where they are going, and perhaps most of all tell them that whatever happens to them — no matter who awful or difficult to accept — it is part of a grand, cosmic plan. This is not justified, however. It might sell books to make people feel righteous about themselves, but it doesn't reflect the reality that we were all once considered no good youngsters. So while the year to year data my show an increase in religious sentiment due to immigration, that doesn't at all mean atheism is unsustainable. Being unhappy on Earth didn’t matter. If individualism is the driving force behind these changes, we can expect more to come. My children, aged 7 and 4 are essentially being raised atheist. More young people will decide not to marry, even when they have children; 41% of babies were born to unmarried mothers in 2013, and this will likely continue to rise. Even if religion in the United States should decline to current New Hampshire levels I doubt that it would make much difference for good or ill. Ted Talks-PhD. They do NOT ask older generations their impressions of younger generations. Carl - I must disagree with your post. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Learn about us. In fact, a godless upbringing has advantages because it avoids so many of the dangers that accompany religion. Can You Take the Chance? As the ranks of the unaffiliated have grown so too has the number of Americans who were raised in nonreligious households, albeit at somewhat lower rates. Atheists may rely upon any number of different foundations for morality, but a common one will be empathy for other human beings. If organ music became the standard it once was in the Catholic Church I'm most certain Catholics who've been away from the church would return, renewed interest in the Catholic Church would become a reality and empty pews would be filled at every mass. For me the big question is what to do when/if I have kids--do I want to raise them with a religious background? You are driven by fear and hate, that's what religion has done for you. Even parents who aren't very ardent in their faith and don't go to religious worship services very often seem to believe that religion is a vital component in any upbringing. Personally, I think the primary reason more and more people leave religion is because they simply reject the validity and truth of religious claims due to greater education, access to information, and exposure to other views. So, answer this question - If two men moved in next door to you, would you love them? Overusing the word racist is a lazy attempt to end a discussion. Such pressure should not, however, deceive people into imagining that they'd be better with religion, churches, priests, or other trappings of religious faith. Posted Apr 30, 2012 A Beautiful Mind: What Did John Nash Really Have. I struggle with that. Most of us grow up surrounded by atheism, and a lot of the times we’re not even introduced to the concept of God until we learn about it in school. Children have to be taught religion and theism — they aren't born believing in any gods or with any particular theology. That just goes to show how religion infects the mind, and causes otherwise rational people to throw rational thought out the door. Honestly, I wasn’t even entirely sure what a “God” was until I was about 8 years old. Yet the bullshit is for the ignorant population because many Americans hold dear to family. Perhaps as the sort of "new" way of thinking back then was such a success, people began to question and challenge even more things in an attempt to find new roads of scholarly thought noone has either found or dared to look for or deemed impossible. 2) Boring. I certainly see how greater individualism can cause lower adherence to organized religion, but lower rates of prayer? They have realized that they are worker/consumers and not capitalists and they are tired of both major political parties and want a third or even fourth major party to compete. At least that’s what happened to me with religion, and I decided that hey, maybe this whole “God” thing just wasn’t for me. As far as we know, it is the largest study ever conducted on changes in Americans' religious involvement. However, the generational differences are much starker.


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